Degrees & Certificates

The Scriptures are the heart and foundation of every degree at Covenant Evangelical Theological Seminary (CETS). Currently CETS offers the following degrees: Certificate of Christian Workers, Bachelor of Arts in Christianity, Master of Arts in Biblical and Theological Studies, and Master of Divinity. Other than the Certificate program, all degreed programs require the applicant to be a believer for at least three years, and to have church service experience for at least one year.

  1. Certificate of Christian Workers - CCW
    This program is prepared for general Christians who wish to serve the church in teaching Sunday schools, leading small group Bible studies, and acting as short term missionaries, and co-workers in Christian organizations. The Certificate program requires at least 4 courses, totaling 12 credits. All credits earned in the Certificate program with a grade higher than B can be carried over into the degree programs.
  2. Bachelor of Art in Christianity - BAC
    This program is prepared for full-time church leaders and workers of Christian organizations. Applicants must have a high school diploma (or equivalent education background). The curriculum of the BAC is equivalent to a 4-year college study, requiring a total of 120 credits. This includes 40 credits of general college courses, 60 credits in Biblical and Theological studies, and 20 credits Internship in mission and church service. CETS does not offer general college courses. Students may take those courses from near-by universities, or through distance learning from creditable college and adult education programs. CETS may count those credits upon validations. Students must have an average grade of C or above in order to graduate.
  3. Master of Art in Theology
    The Master of Arts program provides concentrated study in a special field or discipline upon the background of a general understanding of theology and biblical studies. Candidates for this degree must complete 60 credit hours with an average C or above. A Bible exam in Chinese is required to graduate. A student may complete the M.A. in Biblical studies or Theological studies.
  4. Master of Divinity – M.Div
    The M.Div. curriculum is designed to offer training for the pastoral ministry. Concentrated study in three basic areas - : the Bible, systematic theology, and practical theology. Building upon and integrating with a biblical foundation, theology is a major area of concentration of this program. The purpose of this study is to provide the theological and historical foundations of Christianity, along with its current cultural contexts, in order to understand and live the Christian faith. Applicants to the M.Div program must be college graduates (or have an equivalent education background), receive clear calling to be a full time pastoral ministry, and be recommended by church leaders or coworkers. Student must complete 102 credit hours with an average C or above. Passing Chinese exams in the Bible and Westminster Confession of Faith are required to graduate.