Greetings from the President

By God's grace, the growth of the church in China during these recent years has outpaced the churches of any other nation. And yet the fallen nature of man, the temptations of the world, and the interference of the spiritual realm endlessly and fiercely challenge God's people. This has resulted in incorrect teachings and philosophies splitting the church and heresies leading many astray. Through all of this, God has by His great power preserved those who follow Him: they live to glorify God, treasure their faith in God above all else, obey the promptings of the Spirit, and consider serving and building God's church to be their highest calling.

For these people, we have established this Covenant Evangelical Theological Seminary (CETS).

CETS will raise high the banner of Sola Scriptura (by the Word of God alone); use God's infallible, constant standards for life and faith as a foundation; hold onto the pure gospel as passed down through the ages by the apostles and saints; equip the disciples and raise new leaders; nurture workers who have an orthodox faith, noble actions, and upright character; and lead them to a heart obedient to the Father, a mind obedient to the Truth, and a will obedient to the Spirit. They will be a light in the darkness, fighting against the tides of selfishness and corruption in these End Times.

CETS focuses its teaching around an internet curriculum, measuring and imparting grades according to the best seminaries in the United States, and offers degrees in masters', bachelors', and associates' to those qualified. The teaching materials in various medium are presented in Chinese, with the curriculum drawn from DVDs produced by the Third Millennium Ministries, and the assistants all have degrees or are pursuing them. Thus the students can receive high-quality orthodox theology training through the internet without the barriers of time, geography, or language.

We hope you become a part of this seminary and equip yourself with God's truth, for he has given you rebirth through the Gospel. Moreover, He has given you a commission to share Eternity to those around you; to build His church; to raise the saints in maturity; to sanctify the people of God; to do good works; to preach the Gospel; and to welcome Christ's second coming along with all the saints and angels when that day comes.

To God be all the glory, the one God in all the earth!