CETSU reaches accreditation agreement

CETSU  has officially entered into an accreditation agreement with the Chinese Scholar online training program.  Credits can be transferred as follows:

*Students in the Chinese Scholar training program (http://edu.idscommunications.com) applying to CETSU's Bachelor degree:


  • Graduates of the guided study program: 40 credit hours can be transferred as long as CCIM provides proof of graduation.
  • Graduates of the self study program: Must pass a defense at CCIM and provide proof of having passed before 40 credit hours can be transferred.


* Students applying to CETSU's Master degree:


  • Regardless of the program, if the student is qualified for the master's program (via continuation of their field of study or holding an equivalent education experience), he or she can transfer up to 9 elective credits (3 credits per class).


*Students who have not attended the training program applying to the bachelor's degree can consider applying to an equivalent university's religious studies course.  Students who have graduated from college, have at least two years' of relevant work experience, have served in the church for at least three years, and provide the relevant transcripts will be considered for qualification; if they pass, they can immediately enter into the master's program.  If an applicant is not qualified, CETS will consider conditionally accepting the student and making an official acceptance once the appropriate requirements are met.  Applicants may make up the 18 general education credits at an accredited higher learning center.