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Designed for Dignity: What God Has Made It Possible for You to Be

Written by Richard L. Pratt

ISBN: 978-0-9842115-0-0



Translated by Yuanling Zhuang

Executive Editor: Hongjun Li

Published and Distributed by: CETS

Chinese Edition: CETS (2009)

Chinese Electronic Edition: Third Millennium Ministries (2008)


Dr. Richard L. Pratt, Jr., is the president of Third Millennium Ministries. He is adjunct professor of Old Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary, and a visiting professor at Covenant Theological Seminary. He is an ordained minister in the Presbyterian Church in America, and travels extensively to evangelize and teach.

Dr. Pratt received his B.A. from Roanoke College, studied at Westminster Theological Seminary, and received his M.Div. from Union Theological Seminary. He earned his Th.D. in Old Testament Studies from Harvard University.

Dr. Pratt is the general editor of the NIV Spirit of the Reformation Study Bible and a translator for the New Living Translation. He has also authored numerous books, including:

* Pray with Your Eyes Open (Chinese translation available)

* Every Thought Captive (Chinese translation available)

* Designed for Dignity (Chinese translation available)

* He Gave Us Stories (Chinese translation in progress)

* Commentary on 1 & 2 Chronicles


From the Author's Preface

This book is about people—you, me, and the billions of human beings with whom we share this planet.  It's a familiar subject to all of us.  We live with ourselves and interact with others every day.  As much as we are involved with people, we might expect to understand each other better than we do.  At least we should have a firm grasp of ourselves as individuals.  But try as we may, these mysterious creatures known as Homo sapiens still baffle us.

I am not a psychologist, sociologist, or anthropologist, and I am not trying to be one as I write this book.  If I am anything, I am a student of theology—more specifically, Old Testament theology.  That puts me at a significant disadvantage, because these behavioral sciences offer indispensible insights into human nature.  Yet, my interest in the Old Testament also affords me an advantage.  The entire Old Testament from Genesis to Malachi—the whole Bible, for that matter—is keenly concerned with what it means to be human.

These chapters deal with three basic issues: What did God make us in the beginning? What have we made of ourselves? What has God made it possible for us to be? I cannot think of any questions more important.  They are at the center of our hopes and dreams.  They shape everything we do.

In short, this book answers that you and I are designed for dignity.  Every chapter develops some aspect of this theme.  Don't expect to find magical potions that will solve all of your problems.  The dignity of human existence always remains somewhat mysterious.  I certainly have not discovered all the answers, but I have found small tastes of dignity by following the paths outlined in this book.  As you read these chapters, I hope you will also find paths along which you can move forward in awareness of yourself, other people around you, and the God who designed you for dignity.

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