2009 Prayer of Thanksgiving

Father, we thank you.  You've lifted us up from out of the dirt, saved us from the brink of death, redeemed us out of our fallen states; what's more, you've given us eternal life, calling us a chosen people, a holy kingdom, and sons and daughters of God, so that we can proclaim the Name of the one who called us out of darkness and into that wonderful light.


Father, we thank you for this glorious commission, for it is You who has given us this shared vision and You who has lead us to answer Your call.  You gathered us together from all over the world according to our gifts so that we can serve you in the fellowship that Is CETSU.

Father, we thank You for all of the coworkers and teachers here: brother Honjun Li. Sister Pu Wang, Pastor Junjian, brother Tan, brother Xiaotao, brother Zhaojun, sister Chenxia, sister Guixiang, and sister Dongdong.  If not for Your calling, who could selflessly give of their time, money, and energy? If not for Your gifts of wisdom and power, who would dare take on this heavy workload? Father, for this wonderful grace, we thank You.

Father, we thank You for the families of these coworkers and teachers; it is through the support and encouragement of their spouses in the background that they can serve You here though they have their own families and jobs.  We earnestly thank You for those who are sacrificing and giving in secret.

Father, we thank You for the board of trustees, for Pastor Biao Chen and brother Yidong, for their continual prayers despite their business.  Father, we ask You to bless their service so that they are always full of grace and power.

Father, we thank You for IIIM, who provides our teaching material, and their partner MINTS.  These brothers and sisters, though from different ethnic backgrounds, have united to build up the church in China.  We thank You for their rich knowledge and humble character and their willingness to serve as our teachers and examples.

Father, we thank You for our partners overseas, that You have inspired these sisters with the same Spirit that has touched us to serve you in different ways.  We ask that You keep them safe and bless their families and churches.

Father, we thank You for the translation team, thank you for sending so many brothers and sisters to use their gifts to serve You.  We ask that You greatly bless their work so that the teaching materials can bring great blessing and help for the Chinese church.

Father, we thank You for the shepherds and brethren who care so much about the education of the Chinese Church: for Pastor Zuoren Chen and Pastor Samuel Lin in their support of CETS and for Pastor Peter Liu's involvement and leadership.  We ask that through their prayers, many brothers and sisters willing to give themselves for theological education will be raised up in China, so that a healthy church can be built up, creating a firm foundation in Truth.

Father, we especially thank You for this first group of students.  Eerything here was prepared for them, every coworker has been laboring their all in their different stations for them.  Father, if You did not draw them here to learn, our service would have been in vain.  Father, we thank you for these students, that you lead them to be willing to learn your Truth, that they are willing to share of themselves, and their opinions and suggestions in improving the lessons and setup of the courses so that we can provide a better quality of service in the future.  Father, we ask that You watch over their studies and service, so that they can be equipped in knowledge, love You all the more, serve you humbly and become good, faithful, and wise servants.

Father, we thank You for the blessings on CETSU's past year of ministry: for the web ministries and fellowship that allows for a wonderful teaching and administrative platform; for the leadership You provided in the treasury group in establishing a healthy budget; for watching over the enrollment committee in successfully completing the enrollment process; for providing the teaching group the materials necessary for the students' lessons; for ensuring the publication group's first successful publication; for the translation groups' work in providing more future teaching material.  We also thank You, father, that though we were strangers, we could be one in Christ and love one another.

Father, we put the next year in Your hand.  We ask that You continue to grow our fellowship, keep the website going strong, and watch over our students and translation staff.  We especially ask that we can raise enough funds.  Please grant us wisdom and power, and that we will continue to be one with You for all eternity.

We pray all of this for a common goal: may all honor, glory, and praise go to You alone.

In Jesus' name, Amen!